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What’s the Best Men’s Cologne?

You’re that guy in the elevator people can’t seem to bring themselves to stand next to. You could be that guy in class everyone runs away from. You’re the guy at work co-workers would rather e-mail than speak to face-to-face. You’re the guy that has your date wanting to end the evening early to go home and play with her cats. Best Men’s Cologne HQ is here to help you not be that guy and find the perfect cologne.

Best Men’s Cologne of 2014

Of all the top selling colognes on the market today, here are the 3 that rock the charts. For a complete list of the best men’s cologne of 2014, click here.

1. Armani Code By Giorgio Armani – Score 95 HQ – (Buy Now)

With an outstanding rating of 95 HQ, Armani Code ranks as one of the best colognes in the world. Armani Code has been dominating the sales charts so far this year which makes it the best men’s cologne so far this year. If you’re wondering why this cologne is so popular, spray some on and ask any woman to give you a whiff. When these women start throwing themselves at you, you’ll have your answer. Here is what a few people have said about the Armani Code by Giorgio Armani.

“The best smelling cologne I have ever owned. There are many great smelling colognes out there, but the scent of this cologne lingers on your clothing ALL DAY. That’s what I love about it.” – J. Phillips

“The thing about Armani Code is that it’s extremely sexy but rather difficult to describe. It’s not spicy like most masculine scents, for example, YSL’s Opium for Men or CK’s Obsession for Men.” – bloodorange

“I have never recieved more compliments in my life until I started wearing the cologne. Let me tell you it just drives the ladies crazy. When I go to the bar, I am like a fox in a hen house. It is just too easy meeting the ladies. Highly recommended.” – M. Mazzola

2. The One by Dolce and Gabbana – Score 92 HQ – (Buy Now)

dolce and gabbana

The One by Dolce & Gabbana is one of the hottest colognes so far this year. It has a sweet,warm smell with a huge kicker and stores can’t seem to keep enough of it on the shelf this year. Here are a few things people have said about The One by Dolce & Gabbana.

“Beautiful Scent! Sensual and seductive.” – vincentvega

“Great smell. Good for work or dates where you’re up close together.” – tjarksd

“I get compliments on this cologne from both dates and women at work. I have had many women at work admit that they walk over to my desk instead of send electronic communication so they can smell my cologne.” – D. Ross

3. 1 Million By Paco Rabanne (2008) – Score 77 HQ

best mens cologne paco rabanne

1 Million makes several top lists that you’ll find across Best Men’s Cologne HQ. It is always a top seller along with making the list for one of the best winter colognes you could purchase. Here are some of the things men have said about the cologne 1 million.

“This Spray stays on you the whole day and I can’t count how many comments I’ve received using this product. Recommend for men, it’ll surely get the attention of the ladies.” – Tunde

“I think this is the best smelling fragrance i have every smelled… when i have this on and walk into a room it will make people forget what they was saying and ask omg what are you wear smells great.” – shane2202

“1 million is very sweet but masculine smelling at the same time, it has very good projection someone from 6 feet away and more will be able to smell me, longevity is excellent, I get up to 10+ hours” – fragrancenote15


Top Men’s Cologne Women Find Sexy

These are the top colognes that women find sexy. You can see a complete list by clicking here.

1. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani – Score 81 – (Buy Now)

Acqua Di Gio is BY FAR the most liked by women as of right now. Currently on Twitter, when women are talking about a great smelling scent, half the time Acqua Di Gio seems to be the one guilty. Are you wondering what women are saying exactly? Here ya go!

“‘I’m 74 and never smelled so good. The women love it especially when I walk by a retirement home and they coming chasing me down the street…back I say back !” – dovidal

“I sprayed this on myself one day before work and it smelled awesome. I was hoping to have all of the females flinging themselves at me but I’m standing there during a morning meeting and the dude next to me goes, “Hey, is it weird to tell another man he smells good?” I’m like, “No…?” He goes, “Okay, well you smell awesome, man. It’s been a pleasure standing next to you.” Not exactly the results I was looking for, but I’ll take it.” – Jimmy

“It smells amazing on my boyfriend. Not too heavy but very manly. I can usually smell him from across the room but it’s not overpowering. Makes me randy… Haha” – Shelby

2. 1 Million – Paco Rabanne (2008) – Score 77 – (Buy Now)

Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million is a huge hit not only with the general public but with the ladies as well. It’s a unique masculine scent that will make you smell manly and have your girl snuggle up next to you. Here are some of the things the ladies have been saying about Paco Rabanne via Twitter.

“If boys smell like Paco Rabanne 1 million, they are instantly 100x hotter” – bella

“I think this is the best smelling fragrance I have ever smelled… when i have this on and walk into a room it will make people forget what they was saying and ask omg what are you wear smells great.” – shane

“I’ll spread my legs for anyone wearing 1 million” – *****4ever 3.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren – Score 64 – (Buy Now)

Polo Red is a cologne that younger women want you to spray all over your jacket, sweatshirt, boxers, and “accidentally” leave at their place. This cologne is a light, sweet smelling scent that will drive girls wild. With this scent, the target is definitely a younger crowd probably under 30 so if you’re looking to impress a mature woman, you might want to pick something a little more manly like Paco Rabanne’s 1 million. Here are some of the things the ladies have been saying all over social media about it.

“That Polo Red Cologne is the best smelling cologne ever” – Montana Liggio

“I have this Polo Red Cologne that I’m waiting to give to my next bf” – cHey

“If you wear Polo Red Cologne, please father my children” – Makenzie Morrow

Best Men’s Cologne Of All-Time

(See Top 100 Here)

The Best Men’s Cologne HQ rating is created by taking thousands of reviews and ratings of each individual cologne and condensing them into one easy to read score which is the “HQ Score”. Here are the top finishers in the entire universe.

1. Pour Lui By Oscar De La Renta – Score 102 – (Buy Now)

This is a cologne that screams young, sexy and clean all over it. With a name like Ambercrombie & Fitch on the bottle, you wont find your dad, grandpa and teachers wearing this stuff. The young ladies find it attractive because it is also one of the most tweeted colognes trending on twitter right now and the ladies also love that you are wearing a name brand cologne. The only downfall is that it’s a little more spendy for young gentlemen that are on a budget but it’s definitely worth it. You will experience nothing but great results wearing this cologne. Here are what a few people have been saying about it;

“Its smells great and at a great price can’t beat that. Plus the ladies love it too so you really can’t go wrong.” – A. Hooser

“Smells so good ladys love to smell you no jokes… they love it…
men love it… just smell good but price good be cheaper” – D. PointDexter

“First thing first, I’m not an Abercrombie bro by any means. I wasn’t expecting much from this stuff, but jeez it smells good!! The ladies dig it, the guys are jelly, I’m completely satisfied. The perfect cologne for a 17-25 year old guy, not too manly, but not too perfume-y. Highly recommend!” – N. Bruggeman


Choosing the Best Men’s Cologne for You

Best Men’s Cologne HQ Rating

You can see in the first column a score of every cologne named their Men’s HQ ranking. This is what makes Best Men’s Cologne HQ special because this rating is a collection of THOUSANDS of reviews of each particular cologne and condensed into one easy to see score. If you’re wondering what colognes rank the highest, you can always check out our top 100 post to see what a high score looks like.

Work and School Safe

Wondering if your cologne is safe to wear in a professional environment or setting where you will be in close quarters? That is what this column is for. Some cologne is not meant to be worn in day-to-day activities because of their strong, spicy, and masculine scents. If you are going to be in a place where you will be surrounded by people during the day, or a crowded professional environment, you should wear a cologne that is fresh, light, and citrusy. Check this column if it’s safe or not to wear a cologne in these environments. If it’s flagged as “use caution”, that simply means don’t over apply it and just a very modest amount because too much could be disgusting for others around you.

Age of Cologne Wearer

It’s hilarious reading through some of the twitter feeds nowadays and hearing young men and women talk about how they smelled one of their peers that reminded them of their own parents. If you’re a young man, this is horrible. You don’t want a girl that you’re going after to be reminded of a mature guy every time she sees you. Same goes for the mature men. It’s awkward when you see a grown man wearing a cologne like Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce Cologne because it’s meant for the younger generations to wear. A cologne like this is easily recognizable and I have seen it first hand. A girl that I was seeing was able to identify the cologne on me because her ex-boyfriend from high-school wore it. This is not a big deal but when you’re approaching your 30′s you can see why it can be a little awkward. Grown women’s tastes are different than the younger ladies so if you’re trying to impress a certain age group, check out our suggestions on which cologne matches the age group of men that should be wearing it.

Ladies Sex Appeal

This is one of the most important sections for some of you men out there. Which colognes do women find the most sexy? This guide is only about 20 of the 400,000 colognes out there. They are labeled from Very Sexy to Manly. If you want to see which cologne makes our list of sexiest cologne for men, check out the link. Keep in mind, just because a cologne is labeled neutral or manly, doesn’t mean it’s a bad cologne. Many men when going out with their boys, want to wear a cologne that has a strong masculine feel for it. Also remember, each woman is different and will find different colognes sexy. If you’re interested to see our polls on what women think of cologne, check out our page for that as well.

Price of Fragrance

Price is important for the majority of cologne wearers. Some people can’t afford a $100 bottle of cologne as their signature scent. For our quick reference guide, we price the cologne per ounce. Every bottle of cologne seems to come in a different sized bottle so to put things on an equal playing field, we gathered up the prices and showed you the price per ounce of a normal sized bottle of that particular cologne. If you’re curious to see what the most expensive cologne for men is, our post is the most accurate of all that I’ve covered on the web so I dare you to check it out.